Completing A Part Time MBA In Singapore: The 3 Harsh Realities You May Encounter

Whether you are studying abroad, taking this chance to expand your career opportunities, preparing for a graduate study, or just wanting to explore a field you love, pursuing a part time masters degree in Singapore can be the right path for you. It is one of the best and most significant investments you can make for thyself.

MBA courses in Singapore are like another job, except that you are paying the educational institution to do it. Truthfully, studying masters can be challenging. The lessons taught here are much more advanced than what you learned. But while it gets tough, it can pay off big time for you and your career advancement. Also, as they say, no pain, no gain.

Coming out with MA not only grants you that long-awaited promotion. It also teaches you the most significant lessons you can apply and learn in the real world. Here are the life teachings that await you when you take an online MBA in Singapore.


Be it a full-time or part time MBA in Singapore, master’s programmes are generally more flexible than college degrees. Whether weekends, weekdays, mornings, evenings, or late afternoons, you name it, MBA schools can cater to it. You can take classes depending on which days work for you. Like you, some professors have day jobs or errands, as you may have.

If you are not a working student and taking a full-time online MBA programme in Singapore, there is a high chance of finishing it in more or less three years. Studying for a master’s degree can take a while, and just like in life, there is no need to rush. You have no deadline to meet in life.


MBA courses in Singapore are generally challenging, but it gets worse as you progress each year. Expect that things will not be easy as you reach the thesis stage. You are bound to meet deadlines and submit requirements. You have the freedom and all that, but ensure to practise proper management to stay on top of your academic tasks and keep up with your thesis targets. Life in MBA schools is like living from deadline to deadline. But of course, no matter how busy you may be, find time to have occasional breathers and prioritise your mental health, too.


Whether taking a full-time or part time masters degree in Singapore, sacrifices can happen during the study period. It can be through time with family, friends, savings, or passions. Sometimes, your class can get in the way of your family vacation, work schedule, group session, night out, and other errands.

Although some schools offer online MBA programmes in Singapore, which means physical meetings are fewer, you may still get necessitated to accomplish some readings and requirements. At times like these, you will need to dedicate some days to writing, reading, and editing. It takes a lot of discipline and fewer night outs.

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