Why Applicants Should Take Write UPSC Prelims Sectional Tests and Test Series

UPSC Civil Service Exam hates other competitive exams in India. Understanding is not sufficient to pass the UPSC IAS Preliminary Exam. Applicants should be familiar with the types of questions being asked. They need to know how to avoid negative ratings and increase the likelihood of candidates selecting the correct answer even to uncertain questions.

To obtain this advantage, applicants must practice with the correct practice exams. By taking a practice test or an Essay test series, you can only develop that skill. Here’s why applicants need to take more UPSC Prelims practice tests.

Reasons for taking a practice test

The reasons why UPSC candidates must take the practice test are as follows:

Practice makes perfect

The passing rate of the IAS exam is low compared to other competitive exams. Lakh or people can take this test, and almost 1000 candidates can be on the shortlist. Why can’t UPSC high-potential applicants pass the Civil Services IAS Preliminaries? Lack of an adequate strategy and bad practices are the main reasons for the failure of the candidates. With proper practice tests, candidates will be able to perform well on the UPS Preliminary Exam.

It helps to raise the score

Based on recent patterns, a score of 120 out of 200 on the General Studies Documents can be considered a comfortable score for passing the IAS Prelims exam. If the competition is higher, applicants will have to get more than 120, which is problematic. Talking to all successful UPSC candidates, they recognize one thing: the importance of the UPSC form exam.

A new way of learning

As they take more practice tests like sociology test series, candidates come across some new questions and concepts. By participating in the practice test, candidates will learn further information and ideas.

Understand patterns and trends

Participating in a more appropriate practice test will give you insight into the nature, pattern, and difficulty of the UPSC Civil Service Exam questions.


Practice tests are the best way to assess your performance before the UPSC exam. By participating in the practice exam, candidates can understand the areas in which they need to improve. Therefore, you can speed up your preparation before the UPSC exam.

Increase self-confidence

Self-confidence is a significant motivator for UPSC applicants. Taking part in more practice tests will boost your confidence level. The competition is so fierce that applicants may find it impossible to win a high basic exam on their first General Studies Thesis. However, practice and review will increase your confidence and focus, and thus, you will pass the IAS Prelims exam.

Develop consistency of preparation

Consistency is the key to exam preparation, and introducing a mock helps with that. It allows you to check your practices regularly and drive for improvement.

Strengthen time management during exam time

Time management is critical because you need to be clear about trying and what not to try. Also, how much time do you need to spend on a particular question? Using your precious time wisely during exam time is the most important thing to pass a competitive exam. A series of tests can be beneficial in this process.

Overcome test phobia and test anxiety

In particular, the UPSC is one of the most challenging exams to take. The level of competition is so high that many applicants have previously lost hope and often feel anxious or afraid of the exam. The test series helps address these concerns by allowing you to practice your exam in a situation similar to an actual exam. This puts your worries aside and gives you confidence when you take the real exam.

The practise exam provides the added benefits applicants desperately need to pass the UPSC IAS Preliminary Exam. UPSC applicants will participate in the practice test series at least two months before the UPSC IAS exam. You can enquire at Elite IAS coaching in Delhi, they provide one of the best online and offline test series.