Want To Learn Korean Online? Here Are The 5 Stages

Learn Korean online, and you will reach greater heights that unleash your fullest potential. You will learn something new that you never thought of exploring before, meet new friends who share the same interest, and form a bond with the tutor who wants nothing but the best for their students.

Most people think learning through digital means and platforms limits the experience. However, there is no need to worry about that because learning facilities know how to reinvent the experience.

In this article, let us explore the stages people go through when wanting to explore the beautiful Korean language.


The first stage is learning about the programme. Here, the Korean tutor in Singapore might invite you to an online meeting or orientation to let everyone get a sneak peek at what to expect during classes and other activities. Also, they might hand out digital copies of the syllabus or other write-ups that contain the relevant information. (Tip: Read all of them, prepare your questions, and ask the tutor for additional clarifications.)


There might be a window between the orientation and the beginning of the Korean lessons online. Use your free time to your advantage, and prepare all of your things, such as downloading all necessary platforms for learning, curating your desk for a conducive study space, or even resting because that is what you need! (Tip: Have fun during this stage and increase your excitement for the upcoming classes!)


The learning centre might ask you to take a Korean proficiency test at the start of the meeting. Also, others do this before enrollment, so it depends on the tutor. Do not worry about having zero knowledge or not having a background because the purpose of this is to assess your level, and they will not judge you for your skill level. Be honest with your answers and do what you can because the highest score does not receive an award: It is more about getting to know the student!


Attending classes does not only mean being there or listening to the tutor about the latest chapter in the syllabus. On top of that, you must strive for consistency or develop a healthy habit of learning inside the virtual room and doing things independently. For instance, after your sessions, allot a few minutes to an hour for reading a few pages in your book or practising writing letters and characters.


Whether you are planning to go to Korea to appreciate beautiful sights and immerse yourself in their culture, or elevate your career because you have a stint with clients from that country, enjoy what you have learned from the Korean online class because that is how you maximise the experience.

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