The Benefits Of Belly Dance Fitness

Belly dancing has become a universally known dance. Its history has crossed many cultures, from the Middle East and Africa to western cultures. The term ‘belly dance’ wasn’t the original name of the dance. Back in the 19th and 20th centuries, the earliest forms of the dance were known as the Egyptian ‘Ghawazi’ dance and the Arabic ‘Raqs Sharqi’ dance. The first belly dancers were a group of travelling dancers in Egypt called ‘the ghawazee’ who were banished from Cairo during the 1830s. They left to perform in Upper Egypt, the Middle East, and Europe. As time went on, belly dancing eventually caught the west’s attention and developed into something that could be used for exercise. Thus, belly dance fitness was born.

Like most dances used for the sake of fitness, the movements done in belly dancing benefit your body and health in various ways. This dance promotes strength, balance, coordination, confidence, and digestion, among other things. It’s fun to do on its own, but learning how we benefit from it can boost our enthusiasm to dance. Here is a short list of benefits found in belly dancing.

Improve Strength And Muscles

Belly dance in Singapore aids in toning our muscles with movements focused on the internal muscle anatomy. With each movement, you can mould your glute, quad, and oblique muscles into something more flexible and firm to the touch. Belly dancing can make you stronger without exerting too much effort and sweat. An exercise form that doesn’t feel like exercise yet still refines your body as a workout would. In addition, back and joint pains can be relieved using this dance. Joints and ligaments found in the lower back and hip are set into a repetitive yet gentle motion that helps remove knots.

Balance And Posture

Belly dancing incorporates many similar movements and postures done in yoga and pilates. These two exercise methods work mainly on the spine, pelvic areas of the body, and knees. If some of the movements done in a belly dance school in Singapore are the same, then your knees, pelvis, and back are conditioned to be in the correct stance to execute the moves. Belly dance works with the body rather than against it, providing it with the proper alignment and poise for mobility. Gaining flexibility and relief from stress or tension in the body are just a few things you gain from putting your all into belly dancing.

Boosts Confidence

The movements done in a belly dance studio in Singapore are known to be feminine and artistic, creating this empowering feeling of sensual expression and freedom. Since sensuality is a significant factor in belly dancing, dancers can feel free enough to explore the gentle ways the body can move. There’s a sense of elegance and poise in the way you roll and tuck your hips to the music, and it can really help women with insecurities accept the hidden beauty of their bodies. This form of dance also helps ladies who are weight-conscious find comfort in their bellies, hips, and ample curves.

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