Should I Send My Child to an International School?

An international school is a school that is made up of children from a whole host of countries which follows its own curriculum. This is a curriculum known as the international baccalaureate which is followed by other international schools around the world. For this reason, they are known as IB schools and there are a multitude of reasons for why parents enrol their children every year. 

We have teamed up with an independent school in the UK to help you decide on whether you should send your child to an international school.

Multicultural Outlook

At an IB school children grow up in a multicultural community where they can learn from others and their cultures. This can help them to develop an open mind, respect, a broadened world view and many other life skills.


For parents with demanding jobs that are always on the move, an international school is the perfect option. It avoids too much change and allows children to pick up from where they left off when moving to another country as the international baccalaureate is a set curriculum used by IB schools around the world.


Another consideration is cost. While a fantastic choice of school, tuition at an international school can rake up large fees which aren’t realistic and manageable for many families.

Like Minded Children

Being an expat and on the move can make children feel alien to their surroundings and make settling in difficult. With an international school, children can find this common ground with others as they are schools that cater to expats. This can help reduce the stress associated with moving school and make the process of making friends a little easier. 

A Well-Rounded Curriculum 

The curriculum is also thought to be well rounded, more challenging and stretching than others, allowing children to reach their full potential.