How to Succeed in College: 2023 Edition – Part Eight

Part Eight: Approach Your Assignments with a Positive Attitude

Thanks for coming back for Part Eight of our 2023 guide on How to Succeed in College. In previous installments of this guide, we’ve covered many aspects of success, including mindset, wellness, working smarter and not harder, learning about school resources, time management, cutting toxic relationships out, actively engaging with your studies, and much, much more! Today we’re covering something that might be hard, and even frustrating: approaching your assignments with a positive attitude. 

We know, we know – not all classes will be fabulous or seem relevant to you. You might be tempted to see coursework as just something to game and get through, instead of viewing it as an opportunity and a privilege. But it’s up to you to find meaning in your classes and assignments, even if they’re not your favorite. You never know – sometimes, the things you think are just busywork can actually help you in ways you never expected.

So how do you approach your assignments with a positive attitude? Here are some tips.

Try to see every assignment as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Even if you think a class or assignment is a waste of time, give it a chance. You never know when something might come in handy later on.

Don’t procrastinate. 

It’s easy to put off assignments until the last minute, but this can lead to stress and lower quality work. Try to tackle your assignments as soon as you can, and you’ll feel more in control and less overwhelmed. Plus, if you’re able to focus deeply and think about something besides a looming deadline, you’ll be able to understand the content and its relevance. 

Take good notes, if that is conducive to your learning style

Effective note-taking can help you stay engaged in class and better understand the material. It can also make studying for tests and completing assignments easier. Even better, it can help you understand the connections between topics.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

If you’re struggling with an assignment or concept, don’t be afraid to ask your professor, TA, or a tutor for help. They’re there to support you and want you to succeed. We went over this last time, but it’s also true that you might start to see and appreciate the value of courses and assignments if you get to know your professors a little. 

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Remember that there are many ways to achieve success. 

We’ll dive more into this in the next installment, but for now, know this: A good grade isn’t the only measure of success and you are not your grade, whether it’s A+ or F or anything in between. You can also consider personal growth, developing new skills, or making connections with others as markers of success. You can still graduate with a great GPA if you bomb a semester or a class It’s more valuable to pass a class with a hard-earned C that you got while learning lots of new things and challenging yourself than an A you got by doing the bare minimum or taking shortcuts. Every truly successful college student knows this. 

Your college years are a time to explore and discover what you’re truly interested in and challenge yourself to see what you’re capable of. Approach your assignments with a positive attitude and an open mind, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving success.

In our next part, we’ll be talking about something that’s important for every college student: Redefining success so it’s meaningful for you.