How To Make The Most Out Of Your Baby’s Heguru Education Sessions

Heguru education has boomed in popularity in recent years. It’s a method of right brain training in Singapore that helps with the brain development of young children. Professionals in the field have conducted numerous studies to prove its benefits on children six months to three years old. Because of that, more parents have enrolled their babies in Heguru classes in Singapore.

If you have decided to enrol your babies in these enrichment classes in Singapore, here are three great tips to make the most out of your sessions.

Remember to pack up!

While the enrichment classes in Singapore only last fifty minutes, one is never too prepared for any accidents. The younger your child is, the more crucial it is to plan for mishaps. Make sure to bring food, milk (if they drink formula), and diapers. You can even bring snacks to reward your baby for a job well done after the session. Just make sure not to bring or show anything that can distract your baby from their session.


Babies often look to their mothers for guidance. Her presence calms them, and they often imitate her to learn from her behaviour. Sit alongside the other babies and parents during Heguru classes in Singapore and lead your baby into paying attention or doing the activities. Soon, they might want to do it themselves without your help.

Practice at Home!

Even after your Heguru session in Singapore, it’s crucial to keep nurturing your baby’s brain development. Try searching for right brain development activities for babies on the internet. You can show them flashcards, make a story with them to develop their creativity, or help them with counting numbers. Doing these exercises ensures that your child’s brain is still hard at work outside the sessions.

If your child is between six months and three years old, it’s the perfect time to enrol them in Heguru Method for enrichment classes in Singapore. Developing these skills at this age will help them flourish as adults. Visit their website for more information.