Basic first aid learning aspects

The main definition of first aid is not as clear as it sounds. In other words, first aid leads to two specific healthcare needs. Each of them is rather different and requires different instructions and medical supplies.

Emergency first aid

It is required as a first response training. More qualified Sanitätsdienst München provides further professional medical care because the situation is rather difficult. This type contains:

  • CPR
  • bleeding control
  • response to anaphylactic shock
  • clearance an airway obstruction

Non-emergency first aid

It involves treatment with minor injuries including:

  • cleaning the cuts
  • putting bandages
  • control for the minor bleeding
  • taking simple medications

Highlighted facts about first aid

  1. The main goals are life perseverance, prevention from harm, and recovery promotion.
  2. ABC is for airway, circulation, and breathing.
  3. CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation to control oxygen in the blood. 
  4. It is normal to hear cracks while doing chest compressions.

First aid training 

Learning each type of emergency first aid is specific. You can find kosten sanitätsdienst brk münchen via such organizations:

  • National Safety Council
  • The Am. Cross
  • The Am. Heart Association

Online basic first aid courses stand for maintaining healthcare options. You are simply working on modules at online platforms. Firstly, you have to search for an appropriate website and pass the registration. After you log in learning modules will be available for learning. Don’t forget to make quizzes after each module. At the end of the courses, you can easily download a certificate. Calling 911 is the obvious option when you need help with medical care. 

In other words, emergency first aid requires the thorough following of instructions to save lives or minimize any risks of potential danger. That’s why specific training courses are in great demand. Given non-emergency first aid, you have to be attentive in choosing the advice on the internet.