Chartered Accountant 101: Accounting Certification Bearer VS No Accounting Certification

If you want to become an accountant, you have to finish an accounting degree. But most accounting graduates pursue earning accounting certification after their degree.

Accounting certifications are globally recognised titles for accountants after finishing post-graduate programmes, such as ICAEW ACA. Depending on the programme, the accountant will either be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Chartered Accountant (CA).

But does having an accounting certification make a difference?


With accounting certification

Companies, especially the biggest and most popular ones, prefer hiring those who have finished a chartered accounting course. These years-long programmes add credentials, expertise, and specialities to the accountant. Thus, companies see them as more capable and qualified.

Without accounting certification

People with an accounting degree can still find accounting jobs; however, the opportunities for high-paying and senior positions are rare. They may need years of experience in the industry to become qualified for the job.


With accounting certification

A Chartered Accountant has the leverage to demand higher salaries from the company. The skillset they develop through the ICAEW programme and modules is an asset for the company.

Without accounting certification

The salary of an average accountant is significantly lower than those with accounting certification because their position is much lower and has fewer responsibilities than a CA or CPA.


With accounting certification

Chartered accountants hone their skills in different areas of accounting, such as bookkeeping, tax, financial reports, and more, in the programme.

Without accounting certification

Average accountants need professional experience in accounting areas to widen their skill set.


With accounting certification

Accounting certifications are globally recognised, meaning Chartered Accountants have better opportunities of acquiring job offers overseas.

Moreover, their title gives them credibility and flexibility in establishing their own accounting firms or starting a business.

Without accounting certification

It will be difficult for people who haven’t undergone a chartered accounting course to secure an accounting position abroad.

It is also harder for them to establish an accounting firm.

Should you enrol in the ICAEW ACA?

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