A complete overview of colored pencils and a mechanical pencil

Artists could do the starting stage of art with pencil and paper. An artist can also use paintings, wax, crayons, sketches etc., for perfect art. After some years, the artists began to use colored pencils, which contain different colors. Colored pencils are an essential thing in artistic media. It was used by a hand- illustrator.

The best colored pencils categorized as artist grade and student grade colored pencils. Professionals use artist-grade colored pencils, and these pencils are high-quality pencils. Also, the artist grade pencils are based on both wax and oil-based and are more water-resistant. Student grade pencils are very useful to draw in sketchbooks which work on composition and techniques. 


The techniques used by colored pencils are layering, burnishing, roughening, scoring patterns, color blending and fusing. Layering will give the texture for the drawings and gradually build up the tone, using soft layers one on the other. Burnishing will decrease the pencil strokes appearance by doing with the blending tool, which gives a smooth and shiny surface. Roughening gives a texture to the art. Scoring patterns are very creative and highlight the patterns in drawings. Color blending and fusing blends the pigment of colored pencils physically.

Tips and tricks

  • The main thing about colored pencils is the quality which results in your art being very good and realistic. Choosing good pencils tends to give the best result.
  • Create some hues, tones and shades by blending and mixing the suitable colors.
  • Layer your colors, which give depth to your art. Try darker blues or darker browns while layering colors.
  • Use a brush for blending, moving pigments to fill the white spaces.
  • Hold the pencil sideways to shade, which makes the layers light, smooth, and controlled. And use hand sharpener to keep the pencil sharpening to avoid the dull blade.

Usage of mechanical pencil

Many people use a mechanical pencil for easy and convenient use. It is an ideal writing tool, which provides fine art drawing without sharpening. Many artists also use this pencil for more expressive and imaginative work. The pencil’s size remains constant, and it is easy to erase the finer lines. It uses refillable lead. Four common sizes of leads .5mm and .7mm are very adaptable for both writing and drawing.

The uses of mechanical pencil:

  • It is beneficial in technical drawing and neat writing, and it can drop on the surface, it doesn’t affect the tip.
  • There are no trees that can be cut down and it leads to an environmentally friendly option. Artists can use a mechanical pencil for a long time.
  •  It is a predictable tool, which doesn’t change as you use the lead. It writes a fragile line, and the line gets thicker and thicker.
  • The ergonomic grips make the pencil more comfortable, and it is always sharp.

Final words

Colored pencils are very flexible to use anywhere and loved by artists and kids because colored pencils are practical and hassle-free. They are light and portable. Mechanical pencil is very useful for artists and students.