A Complete guide about: ZonBase versus Helium 10 

Different pricing packages are available from Helium 10 and Zonbase, and they are reasonable for the functionality they provide. The two best tools for Amazon FBA are, as we all know, Zonbase and Helium 10. Because they can help new Amazon sellers launch their FBA businesses, these tools must be understood by them. We carefully examined both of these tools because of this. To learn more about Amazon seller guide you can visit the below link:


  1. Resources

Unfortunately, compared to some of the other Helium 10 alternatives, ZonBase is one of the platforms with the fewest readily available resources (apart from the tools). One of the most complete resource sets for Amazon merchants is provided by Helium 10.

This consists of a collection of free webinars, discussions with expert sellers, a weekly podcast, and other resources, including e-books, courses, and training. In addition, there are also some paid products available for users, such as the Amazon seller premium course Freedom ticket. Moreover, for those seeking additional support and homework help, this is complemented by premium features offered to more affluent customers (namely, Helium 10 Elite members), which include access to a Facebook group where you can connect with other Helium 10 Elite members, quarterly one-on-one coaching, and more.

  1. Chrome extension which you can download:

You can perform many of the same tasks that the Helium 10 Chrome extension lets you with the ZonBase Chrome extension. You may quickly access information on the product you’re researching by installing it on your browser, including branding, pricing, the revenue the product makes, the type of fulfillment, the number of reviews, the product rating, and the number of sellers.

However, it lacks the features of the Chrome extension for Helium 10. For instance, the ZonBase tool does not offer the profitability calculator, which is a fairly difficult feature. Given that, using the more basic keyword research features and other features won’t be a problem for you. The ZonBase Chrome extension, in instance, has the huge drawback of not only not being a free Chrome extension (unlike Helium 10), but also of not being used on the basic plan and only being usable on the Legendary plan.

To help them with product research, Helium 10 offers all of its customers a free Chrome plugin that may be downloaded. It doesn’t have the functionality of the Helium 10 Chrome addon, though. For instance, the profitability calculator—a very complex feature—is not included in the ZonBase tool. Because of this, you won’t have any trouble using the more basic keyword research features and other capabilities.

For example, the ZonBase Chrome extension has the significant problem of not only not being free (unlike Helium 10) but also of only being available on the Premium plan, not the Basic one. The Chrome extension also gives you the option to perform activities like researching the top ASINs on a single page (using the ASIN grabber), calculating the likelihood that you will sell your product based on current products, and accounting for elements like package size, Amazon taxes, and price (through the profitability calculator). It also allows you to browse user reviews for specific products and see product inventory levels.