6 High-Paying Careers On Logistics You Can Apply For This 2022

Graduating with a degree or logistics course in Singapore will provide you with a wide range of career paths. There is no shortage as logistics has various parts, functions, and industries, such as logistic services, warehouse operations, or transportation.

If you are still doubting whether to enrol in a logistics course in Singapore, check these high-paying jobs this 2022 that may drive you to take the degree.


Logisticians are responsible for managing a company’s supply chains, overseeing activities in and out of the company, and inspecting inventories from warehousing to purchasing. To be a logistician, take a logistics course in Singapore or a degree associated with business or engineering.

Purchasing Manager

Studying a logistics course in Singapore can also make you a purchasing manager who manages and buys supplies and resources required for manufacturing products.

Logistics Engineer

Another job you can apply for after taking a logistics course in Singapore is logistics engineer. They are responsible for tracking the movement of products. They must also ensure that the process meets the deadline.

Fleet Manager

Fleet managers oversee and schedule maintenance concerns on vehicles to ensure that it meets and strictly comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Transport in Singapore.

Configuration Analyst

Studying a logistics course in Singapore also opens doors for engineering analysation jobs. You can work as a configuration analyst and oversee relevant and technical changes in making high-tech devices.

Distribution Centre Manager

A distribution centre manager is responsible for organising and refining processes in distribution centres, from the inventory to handling.

Job opportunities in logistics industries would not run out. The more specialised the society grows, the more innovation and people the supply industry needs. College graduates of logistics courses can instantly get a job in various companies, but to set an edge amongst them, consider enrolling on a master degree in logistics in Singapore.

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