5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Chinese Tutor for Adults in Singapore

Learning Mandarin is an excellent way to boost your professional development, as many opportunities will open up if you’re fluent in the language. But for some, finding a Chinese tutor for adults in Singapore is the hardest part. Here are five factors to consider when looking for a Chinese tutor to make the hunt easier.

1. Frequency and Schedule of Classes

To become fluent in Mandarin, you need to practise every day. Practising keeps your mind sharp and prevents you from forgetting new and old lessons. However, you also need to take your everyday routine into account. Your work and your Mandarin lessons shouldn’t clash with each other. Ensure your basic Mandarin course in Singapore is frequent enough for you to practise regularly but doesn’t clash with your work hours.

2. Location

You don’t have to go to China to learn their language! You can learn Chinese in Singapore in language schools and tuition courses. However, online Mandarin courses have become more prevalent due to the pandemic. While some people have an easier time learning in online classes, others need to speak to their tutors face-to-face. Reflect on your learning style and choose accordingly.

3. Teaching Qualifications and Methods

When looking for a Chinese tutor for adults in Singapore, ask for certifications and credentials. Many language schools save money by hiring unqualified teachers for their courses. Having a professional teach you will boost your learning pace and understanding. But even a professional can’t help you if their teaching methods don’t align with your learning style. Would auditory lectures help you more or visual flashcards? Find a tutor that suits your needs.

4. Class Size

Another aspect of your learning style is how much attention you need from your tutor. Many people want to learn Chinese in Singapore, so take a look at the class size before enrolling. Do you need one-on-one sessions with your tutor, or can you follow along even while they teach a class of 30 people? Make sure to choose a course with the right class size for you.

5. Trial Classes

Once you’ve narrowed down the tutors you like most, see if they offer any trial classes. Many courses provide these trials to get a feel for their teaching style and see if it suits you. Trials classes are crucial because once you’ve paid for online Mandarin courses and find out the teaching style wasn’t productive, you might have difficulty getting a refund.

If you need online Mandarin courses, Mandarin Plus offers engaging introductory courses for adults taught by certified tutors. For more information, visit their website.