4 Effective Study Tips For Online Chinese Class Students

Learning a new language can be overwhelming and bewildering—especially if you plan to master the art of speaking Mandarin. According to many language experts, the Chinese language is one of the most complicated communication systems throughout the globe. New Mandarin speakers, especially those used to speaking simpler languages like English, experience difficulties taking an online or offline Chinese class because of the language’s unique tonality and ideographic letters.

But despite the language’s complexity, why do many people still want to learn Mandarin through online or physical lessons?

Why Do People Want To Learn Mandarin?

Many Singaporeans are interested in learning Mandarin because of one of the country’s mandates. According to this rule, residents should use two languages when communicating—English when working and their native language when talking to their families and friends. Parents sign their little ones up for a physical or online Chinese class to observe this mandate, allowing them to remain globally competitive while inspiring them to stay connected to their roots.

Meanwhile, other locals want to study Mandarin for the same reason they wish to learn Vietnamese, Korean, or other global communication systems—for leisure and to gain a new skill. They aim to become fluent Chinese speakers since they want to meet new people, watch East Asian movies without subtitles, or appreciate Chinese literature better.

But aside from following the government’s directive and obtaining a new impressive ability, many Lion City locals want to learn Mandarin through online or face-to-face classes to receive numerous educational and professional opportunities. By studying Chinese, residents can land better job positions or be eligible for enrolment in prestigious educational facilities.

How To Ace Your Online Mandarin Classes

Studying Mandarin can be arduous but not impossible. With hard work and perseverance, you can learn to speak Chinese in no time. But aside from practising using the language every day and intently listening to your teacher, here are a few study tips to help you ace your upcoming online Chinese class:

1. Set Goals For Learning Mandarin

Your goal of learning Mandarin will act as your drive for signing up for and doing your best during your online Chinese language class. This aspiration will also motivate you to become a confident Mandarin speaker who enjoys learning and using the Chinese language to communicate.

2. Create A Dedicated Study Area

Whether taking SkillsFuture language courses or receiving classes from a private tutor, you should give yourself a quiet and neat study area where you can focus on studying Mandarin. Creating a home office or setting up a desk in the corner of your living room will allow you to concentrate on your lessons and avoid distractions.

3. Find Chinese Shows, Movies, And Books

Studying Mandarin through an online Chinese language class does not have to be boring. You can make language learning more enjoyable by watching Chinese TV series or reading novels in Mandarin to relax, entertain, or stimulate your mind while practising your Chinese reading and understanding skills.

4. Start Slow And Take One Lesson At A Time

You do not have to learn and master Mandarin through an online class overnight. Allow yourself to take your time when studying a new language—especially when learning one that requires you to understand several elementary topics before progressing to a more intricate subject.

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