An Ultimate Guide to Writing a Descriptive Essay!

Students of all levels encounter the task of writing a descriptive essay throughout their academic career. Writing an essay is an art and a descriptive essay lets the writer express his/her thoughts. If you are a student then you must encounter such situations in which you have to write descriptive essays about place, situation, or some object. You must have undergone some brainstorming for getting the right format to start a Descriptive essay. Let’s discuss some of the hacks which can be useful in writing a Descriptive Essay

What is a Descriptive Essay?

Before understanding the pattern to write a Descriptive Essay it is important to understand the definition of it. Descriptive Essay are among the four types of essay namely Narrative, Argumentative, and Expository. Descriptive Essay are used as a tool to form creative expressions among the students. Hence it requires you to write about emotions, places, objects, or any person who holds a special position in your life. This encourages the student to recollect his/her personal experiences. Thus, if you need to master the art of a Descriptive Essay, your creativity and expressions matters the most.

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How to Begin

To begin a descriptive essay, first of all you need to choose a topic. Choosing the topic of your interest would help you better while writing. You should always focus on starting your essay with a strong opening. Your essay should interestingly describethe things to keep attention of the reader. Before beginning the essay you must have an overall view in the mind as it will help you to logically convey your thought or idea. If you are writing about any person or object then you must start with describing the essay in a general context and then focusing on the particular details. You must have a theme for your essay and it should reflect in your writing.

Point of View

Point of view carries a very important role in your essay. If you are writing an essay and want people to like it then you should understand the importance of POV. You should not hesitate to present your thoughts or emotions. Your essay should be divided in such a manner that it must have a strong opening, body, and a concluding end. The body of the essay must not contain overwhelming information as it will bore the reader. But it should logically build a way through which a reader can enjoy reading


Descriptive Essays usually convey emotions. Thus, it is mandatory to write in such a language that it approaches the heart of the reader. The conclusion must summarize your entire essay with a strong end. Your conclusion must be impactful. Try to finish the essay with a catchy statement that remains with the reader. Do not include new ideas or statements that are not part of the essay. Just wrap up your ideas and emotions effectively.

These tips will help you in writing an effective essay. However, if you still feel that you need the help of someone feel free to contact us at We are here to provide you the best guidance.