The Benefits of Technology in Schools

Almost every aspect of life has been automated or transformed with technology and the classroom is no exception. The resources that you would have found in a school 10 years ago, or even 5 have been replaced or become obsolete. Analog tools such as books and chalkboards are now tools of the past but how much of this is good? We have teamed up with a prep school in London to explore the benefits of technology in schools.

Technological Skills for the Future

While children may have exposure to technology in their homes, it’s important for schools to incorporate its use. As technology is showing no sign of slow down, more and more digital skills will be needed in the workplace, putting children with existing familiarity at an advantage. Having access to technology at school also reduces the disparities in technological skills between children of different backgrounds, allowing them to be just as equally skilled and prepared for the labour market.

Accessibility and Productivity

There’s also the matter of efficiency. Books, notes and homework diaries can all be lost while with technology, children can easily access their classwork and homework at home. This allows students to carry out additional work outside of class using class materials.

Promotes Research and Independent Study 

Technology also promotes independent research and study. Before the dawn of the internet, students were required to go to the library to search for information. If the book needed happened to be unavailable, there was nothing that could have been done. Now with information available at our fingertips, children can google and the process to ask and explore questions has gotten a lot easier. This can help children to explore their curiosity to the fullest as the barriers to access knowledge such as travel, and expenses are removed.